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Booming Blade 5e is from Sword Coast Adventure’s Guide and is one of the famous invocations of the character Warlock 5e in the game of Dungeon and Dragon edition 5. It gives our character an advantage over other characters to cast a spell with certain mechanics shall be considered;


Damage 1st: M1D8, 5th: 1D8+M2D8, 11th: 2D8+M3D8, 17th: 3D8+M4D8
Casting time 1 Action
Range 5 Feet
Duration 1 Round
Saving throw AC
Components Verbal and Material
School Evocation
Damage type Thunder


booming Blade extra attack
booming Blade extra attack

When you are casting Booming Blade 5e spell you need to ensure melee attack with a weapon against other creatures within 5 feet range. The target will hit with normal melee damage if it remains still before the start of the next turn. If target moves while attack, Spell will end with target receiving 1d8 of thunder damage.

This spells damage is more effective and gives extra thunder damage of 1d8, and the damage the target takes for moving increases to 2d8 when you have reached the fifth level, while the damage will further increase by 1d8 at the 11th and 17th level respectively.

Booming Blade is not effective for warlock when you are at the initial levels as if your target didn’t move so it could easily wait for “booming energy” to pass without any damage. On the other hand if you are at the higher levels it will provide additional damage and then your target would suffer damage if it remains still and further damage if it moves.


how to use booming blade 5e?

to cast booming blade, you need to create a melee attack from a weapon against a single enemy creature with in range of 5 feet, above than 5 feets the spell went fail. When hitting the target, it suffers attacks normal effect and it trapped into the booming energy until his next turn.

can you twin booming blade

for a twinning booming blade, yes, there is an option you can twin, where you can be fluffed as a ghostly duplicate of your weapon arm. By this you can make an attack on two targets at a time. That will give you a booming blade extra attack.

Can you Sneak attack booming blade 5e?

Yes. you can do Sneak Attack with a Booming Blade. It’s important however that booming blade only includes 1d8 at the fifth level, except if the target hit moves. Furthermore, it’s not so much imbalanced (even if it is somewhat more inside and out damage).

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