Chill Touch uses 5e

Chill Touch 5e is a 0 level spell and cantrip for Warlock in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Chill Touch is one of my favorite Cantrip. Chill Touch 5e can be found in the Player’s Handbook, which can be easily accessible by everyone. With Warlock, it can be found in Wizard and Sorcerer list of Cantrips.

Chill touch 5e Mechanics

The mechanics for Chill Touch 5e, the main thing is this cantrip is damage oriented where you give 1D8 damage at first level, starting up with one you will get additional damage at levels 5, 11, and 17 respectively. The damage is not that attractive but it is not that bad to choose. Cast time is 1 action, whereas the range for this spell provides you a vast area of 120 feet which is surprisingly impressive and one of the main reasons to choose this cantrip. The duration is one Round while, the AC act as a saving throw. Components are somatic and verbal, yes you have two gestures with one hand and speaking incantation. The school is necromancy and the damage type is necrotic which is quite disturbing but we can’t do anything. The mechanics’ table is also found below for short details for Warlock 5e Chill Touch.

Damage Damage: 1st: 1D12, 5TH: 2D12, 11TH: 3D12, 17TH:4D12
Casting Time 1 (ONE) Action
Range 120 Feets
Duration 1 Round
Saving throw AC
Damage Type NECROTIC

Chill Touch 5e Uses

The elaboration of Chill touch is, in this cantrip you create a hand of Skeletal Ghost in the space on a target creature within the range of 120 feet, this spell attacks the creature within the range to storm it with the chill of the grave. The target takes 1D8 necrotic damage to the successful hit. You gain hit points until the start of next turn till then the hand will stick to the target and if you add the unearthed it will hit an undead target. So it results in a disadvantage on attack rolls against you until the end of your next turn.

Chill touch
Chill touch

Alternate Uses

You can use chill touch on various situations in DnD where you can identify the enemy, like when the target has cast a spell and it goes invisible so if you cast chill touch on that target the hand will be visible on them while the target is invisible. But DM approval is allowed to do this stuff.

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