Invisibility 5e guide

The invisibility 5e is a 2nd level spell and it is the most recognizable spell in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. It can also be found in the Players Handbook of the game. The spell is used by our character of concern that is Warlock 5e apart from Warlock, other characters also hold this spell which are Bard spell 5e, Sorcerer spell 5e, Wizard spell 5e, and Artificer spell 5e.

Invisibility 5e Mechanics

The name of the spell Invisibility 5e suggests the power the character holds when it used. Before discussing the usage of the spell we will look into its mechanics for the player to give a clear idea of how it works. The damage effect is invisible which is understandable. The casting time player gets is one action. For the spell to work the target must be touched.  The spell works for one hour and this is a concentration spell. The school from which spell belongs is unsurprisingly illusion. Here below is the Invisibility Mechanics table to get easy understanding of the Invisibility spell particulars.

Mechanics Table

Spell Level 2nd Level Spell
Damage/ Effect Invisible
Casting Time 1 (ONE) Action
Duration 1 HOUR (concentration)
Attack/Save NONE
Component Somatic, Verbal and Material
School Illusion
Classes Warlock, Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard and Articifer

Invisibility 5e uses

see invisibility 5e
see invisibility 5e

Now let us discuss the usage of spell in the game and what benefits our character can achieve by using this amazing spell. Invisibility 5e helps the character to disappear the other creature on the field by touching them for once with full concentration. The creature is not visible to the eyes though it’s there, anything on the body of the creature cannot be seen to the eyes present there. Now the question arises on how to detect the movement of the creature affected by the spell. You can keep track of the mobility by the sound the invisible enemy is making. The spell can be used in many ways by our character to fulfill its goals. If dungeon master agrees Warlock can handcuff the enemy put the spell on, like anything in physical contact can also not be seen the enemy can be taken easily off the field. On a higher level, our character gets a chance to put one additional creature under a spell with each level forward, which is a great addition to this resource while unlocking higher levels. Some of the most important questions arise for this spell are these and we will update these questions by the time.

Can Invisibility 5e be used on oneself?

This is the most common question that arises in the mind of the players who use this powerful spell. So if you follow the mechanics of this spell you will get this answer, like mechanics told that Invisibility can be used on any creature and it is used by touching. So if these two are Yes for you then it can Work o yourself too. Like you are a creature and you can touch yourself, So you can become invisible by using this spell.

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