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Misty Step 5e is a 2nd level spell for Warlock in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. It is a very interesting spell to surprise the enemy. Misty Step 5e can be easily found in the Player’s Handbook, which can be easily accessible by everyone. With Warlock spells it can also be found in Wizard Spells and Sorcerer spells list too. As well as Druids who choose the Circle of the Land (coast), and Paladins who choose either the Oath of the Ancients or the Oath of Vengeance. By meaning 2nd level spell, you need to have 2nd level spell slot available.

Misty Step 5e Mechanics

The spell is used to reach an unoccupied space visible by the character instantly to avoid any kind of attack from the opposition. The teleportation can be done up to 30 feet of the visible area. The spell gives one great bonus action. The range is dependent on the character itself. Moreover; Misty step 5e gives instantaneous duration while the component is verbal so the action can work only when you can see and speak. The school of the spell is conjuration which fine as well.

Mechanics Table

Damage/Effect Teleportation
Casting Time 1 Bonus Action
Range Self
Duration Instantaneous
Saving throw None
Component VERBAL
School Conjuration
Level 2nd level Spell
Classes Warlock Spells, Wizard Spells and Sorcerer Spell

Misty Step 5e Uses

misty step 5e
misty step 5e

The Misty Step can be very interesting on the battlefield if you have 2nd level spells slot available. It can be very surprising for the enemy as the character can use any spell or cantrip to attack the enemy and can use the Misty Step as a bonus action to escape from the enemy attack in return. It gives a special benefit to moving around during the battlefield to dodge an attack from the enemy or initiating an attack move by just getting near enemy, to get enemy in range. Places, where Misty Step can be used, are must be visible by the character such as rooftops so that the enemy cannot reach there. For instance, to escape an attack the character can see a bridge it can misty step to reach there instantly. Moreover, the character can also misty step to reach across the doors. If it can see a wall it can go on the other side of it easily. This is the reason the duration of the spell is instantaneous and the range is self because the spell is used on the character itself.
According to me, Dimension door 5e of the 4th level is an extended version of Misty step 5e. It is also a teleportation spell in which the character can cover a range of 500 feet with other more benefits.

All in all, misty step is very much competitive spell with another 2nd level available in Warlock spells list like Suggestion 5e, Invisibility 5e, Spider Climb 5e, and Levitate 5e. This spell can be a great resource, which allows you to improve your transportation from one place to another during the battlefield. It gives you the benefit of moving around quickly.

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