Warlock Cantrips 5E list

Warlock cantrips 5e are the tricks that warlock character uses throughout the game. In 5e Warlock is one of the evil characters in the game. At the first warlock will know only two cantrips and will be offered only three opportunities to learn cantrips throughout the game. The character must choose its cantrip diligently. Cantrips are basically Level Zero spells, warlock can select only two spells from the total list of cantrips intially, but these known Cantrips will increase in further levels like, you are able to know 3 cantrips on level 4th and 4 Cantrips known on the 10th level.

Warlock has the charisma to cast its spells. Moreover, charisma modifier to be used while setting the saving throw DC (difficulty class) for your casting spell as a warlock and roll with one while initiating an attack. Some of the cantrip for warlock are Chill Touch 5e, Eldritch Blast 5e, Mage Hand 5e, Minor Illusion 5e and Poison Spray. Below down is the list of Warlock cantrips with their uses, for you to understand easily.


Eldritch Blast 5e
Eldritch Blast 5e


The list of Cantrips for Warlock 5e 


Blade Ward 5e



It is used to half the damage that occurred. If your character is attacked the tricks can help you to reduce damage


Booming Blade 5e



It is used attacking a single target while creating disturbance and confusion otherwise trick doesn’t work.


Chill Touch 5e


Creating an illusionary had behind the target withi0n the range for a violent attack.


Create Bonfire 5e


Creates bonfire to see the opposition team within the range.


Eldritch Blast 5e


This cantrip gives you a beam. To achieve a single beam you have to roll 1d10. 1 beam mean one forceful attack.


Friends 5e


It is used to create a truce between enemies and calm them down to avoid attacks.


Frostbite 5e


It is utilise to numb the target within the range. It is used for cold damage.


Green Flame Blade 5e



It instigates green fire and damages the creature on the opposite side within the range. The intensity of attack increases with each level.


Infestation 5e


It creates a cloud of parasites to assault the target within range.


Lightning Lure 5e


It creates lightning on the target of your choice within range.


Mage Hand 5e


An illusionary hand appears with a range and your spell can control the action of this floating hand.


Mind Sliver 5e (UA)


It helps to create an energy in the psychic of the enemy seen within the range.


Magic Stone 5e


You can ingrain three pebbles with spell and fling it towards the creature within the range.


Minor Illusion 5e


Used to create an illusion of a sound or any image and intensity will increase with time.


Poison Spray 5e


Used to spray a puff of poison on the enemy and destroy it by giving them poisonous air.


Prestidigitation 5e


It can do a few actions but the intensity is very low


Sword Burst 5e


It helps to create a momentary circle with a blade to help against the enemy within the range.


Thunderclap 5e



It creates a loud sound that is unbearable and can be heard up to 100 meters can affect the target within range except you.


Toll the Dead 5e


It creates a sound of bells in the air for the target that is pointed used for neurotic damage of the creature.


True Strike 5e


This spell will show the weakness of the enemy and can give an advantage over them in your next combat.


Can warlock change cantrips?

Warlock Cantrips 5e can not be replaced or changed, as they are 0 level spells, whereas when you gain levels, then you have to select spells, and on each level there are new spells open, so you can change your spells to fill your spells slot. But cantrips cannot be changed.


How many spells can a warlock know 5e?

Warlock is the character that casts spells in addition to its ability to combat to create greater influence in the game.In addition, the member can use the spells according to the levels they are reaching and the slots they have on the table. Initially, they will use two main 5e warlock spells.

how do cantrips work?

Warlock Cantrips 5e are tricks and techniques your character can play. On initial level two cantrips are learned by players from the list, after some progress on other levels players from this class can learn new cantrips of their choice. Every character has a certain ability to cast its spell, as discussed before, Warlock has the charisma to cast its spells.


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