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Warlock Spells 5e Guide

Warlock spells 5e is listed down here on a level basis. You can have look at the Warlock 5e table to get to know that how many spells you can learn? how many spells you can have? and which spell you can have and learn at which level?. Like for example In the beginning there is the availability of 2 spells known but from that two spells known you can only have one spell slot in hand. Whereas you can only learn and have spells from 1st Level spells only. These spells slots will keep on increasing by reaching up to higher levels.

Warlock Spells 5e Enhancement

The great feature of Warlock 5e in using spells is when you proceed to a new level, you have the ability to replace your known spells from new ones, which should be not higher than the slot levels. Warlock 5e Spells are really special unlike Druid spells 5e, Wizard Spells 5e and Sorcerer Spells 5e. Near me, best warlock spells are Hex 5e, an enchantment spell which is widely used. On the second number I would suggest Eldritch Blast 5e, which is most common for Warlock 5e plus it is zero level spells and Warlock Cantrip. After the Eldritch Blast 5e, Minor Illusion 5e and Hellish Rebuke 5e are my most favorite spells

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1st Level 

warlock Spells Classic
warlock Spells Classic
  • Armor of Agathys 5e
  • Arms of Hadar 5e
  • Cause Fear 5e
  • Charm Person 5e
  • Comprehend Languages 5e
  • Expeditious Retreat 5e
  • Healing Elixir 5e
  • Hellish Rebuke 5e
  • Hex 5e
  • ID Insinuation (UA) 5e
  • Illusory Script 5e
  • Protection from Evil and Good 5e
  • Puppet 5e
  • Sense Emotion 5e
  • Unseen Servant 5e
  • Witch Bolt 5e

2nd Level

  • Cloud of Daggers 5e
  • Crown of Madness 5e
  • Darkness 5e
  • Earthbind 5e
  • Enthrall 5e
  • Flock of Familiars 5e
  • Hold Person 5e
  • Invisibility 5e
  • Mental Barrier (UA) 5e
  • Mind Thrust (UA) 5e
  • Mirror Image 5e
  • Misty Step 5e
  • Ray of Enfeeblement 5e
  • Shatter 5e
  • Spider Climb 5e
  • Suggestion 5e
  • Thought Shield (UA) 5e

3rd Level

  • Counterspell 5e
  • Dispel Magic 5e
  • Enemies Abound 5e
  • Fear 5e
  • Fly 5e
  • Gaseous Form 5e
  • Hunger of Hadar 5e
  • Hypnotic Pattern 5e
  • Magic Circle 5e
  • Major Image 5e
  • Psionic Blast (UA) 5e
  • Remove Curse 5e
  • Spirit Shroud (UA) 5e
  • Summon Fey Spirit (UA) 5e
  • Summon Shadow Spirit (UA) 5e
  • Summon Undead Spirit (UA) 5e
  • Tongues 5e
  • Vampiric Touch 5e

4th Level

  • Banishment 5e
  • Blight 5e
  • Dimension Door 5e
  • Ego Whip (UA) 5e
  • Elemental Bane 5e
  • Galder’s Speedy Courier 5e
  • Summon Abberant Spirit (UA) 5e
  • Hallucinatory Terrain 5e

5th Level

  • Contact Other Plane 5e
  • Dream 5e
  • Intellect Fortress (UA) 5e
  • Hold Monster 5e
  • Scrying 5e

6th Level

  • Arcane Gate 5e
  • Circle of Death 5e
  • Conjure Fey 5e
  • Create Undead 5e
  • Eyebite 5e
  • Flesh to Stone 5e
  • Investiture of Flame 5e
  • Investiture of Ice 5e
  • Investiture of Stone 5e
  • Investiture of Wind 5e
  • Mass Suggestion 5e
  • Psychic Crush (UA) 5e
  • Summon Fiendish Spirit (UA) 5e
  • True Seeing 5e

7th Level

  • Etherealness 5e
  • Finger of Death 5e
  • Forcecage 5e
  • Plane Shift 5e

8th Level

  • Demiplane 5e
  • Dominate Monster 5e
  • Feeblemind 5e
  • Glibness 5e
  • Power Word: Stun 5e

9th Level

  • Astral Projection 5e
  • Foresight 5e
  • Imprisonment 5e
  • Power Word: Kill 5e
  • True Polymorph 5e

How do Warlock spells work 5e?

Spells slots are used to cast warlock spells 5e either of 1st level or higher, Like If you need to use 1st level spell charm person, while you are at 5th Level and having two 3rd level spells slots. So you can cast charm person as 3rd level Spell.

How many spell slots does a Warlock get?

Spells Slots for Warlock 5e has been mentioned in the warlock table, where on 1st Level it has 1 Spell Slot, but gained more when advancing to higher levels, Warlock can have maximum of 4 spells slots at 20th level.

Can you cast a spell as a bonus action?

Only one Cantrips can be cast with a casting time of 1 action, but cannot cast bonus spell during the same turn. For instance, you can cast a regular Cantrips with your bonus Spell on your turn.



Eldritch Blast 5e

Booming Blade 5e

Chill Touch 5e

Hold Person 5e

Toll the Dead 5e Warlock Cantrips

Minor Illusion 5e

Charm Person 5e

Invisibility 5e

Misty Step 5e

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